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L’art contemporain ismaélien s’expose | The Ismaili contemporary art exhibits via JOURNAL LA SOURCE

via JOURNAL LA SOURCESher Nasser Artmentioned can be found at:
The Ismaili contemporary art exhibits Share: / /Culture , Exhibition / / Volume 14, Issue 9 to 27 May to 10 June 2014 Sunset in Rajasthan, by Aziz Dhamani |. Photo by Aziz Dhamani A collective of artists contemporary Muslim unveils the Ismaili faith through exposure to the Surrey Arts Gallery. Until August 9, the public is invited to a spiritual pilgrimage on "Change." It reveals the many facets of a humanist Islam which advocates unity in the multicultural landscape of Canada. The exhibition presents works of British-Colombian members of the collective Ismaili Arts Canada debunks the popular concept of "Qi'yamat" or end of the world. Change is defined as the resurrection of man with a new vision of the world. Yasmin Karim, coordinator of the exhibition and artist, says the idea for this event came from a sad commentary on…

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